Towing and Repair Service Phoenix AZ

If you're like most people in Phoenix, you rely on your car for many aspects of your life, including getting to and from work, running errands, picking up the kids, and getting around for leisurely pursuits. This means it can be extremely unsettling if your car is being towed. Here are some helpful tips to follow for when your car is being towed:

If you know in advance that your car will be towed (referred to as consensual towing), there are steps you should take to ensure that things go smoothly. A planned tow is usually due to the car needing repair or maintenance. Sometimes, it's because you've been in an accident, and the car is unsafe to drive. Before you have your car towed, be sure to:

Towing and Repair
  • Remove valuable items from your car. Towing companies generally are not liable for any lost or stolen items during the tow.
  • Take a quick look at your car (and maybe take pictures) and note existing damage; that way, you'll know if any damage was caused to your car during the towing process.
  • Get a phone number and business license number for the company that is towing your car and be sure they are legitimate and reliable.
  • Make plans for transportation to AZ Master Mechanics when it's time to retrieve your car after the tow.
  • Have your AAA card, roadside assistance, or other towing insurance information ready.

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